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The Autumn Film


8 Track Tape

The new album.


$15Digital + CD


The Autumn Film Covers Coldplay

We know you all have been wondering exactly what we’ve been up to, and now we can show you. We just spent some time recording new videos of us performing 3 Coldplay songs. And we’re so happy to release these to you. Just click on each song button to purchase each song.

Buy Paradise

Buy Kingdom Come

Buy Trouble

Buy All Three

Watch The Videos:

Explicit is all Fixed!!

Hey Everyone,
Thanks for bearing with us. Our songs no longer come up as explicit when you download them from us. If you currently have Explicit labeled songs in your library and would like it fixed just shoot us an email at and we’ll get you a new download code as soon as possible. We’re sorry about any confusion, just a minor glitch in a new system for us.

Thanks again,


Hey Friends!
For some reason our downloads of 8 Track Tape and our other records are listed as “Explicit” on iTunes. Please know this is a mistake! Our content is by no means explicit and we are doing our best to fix the problem as quickly as we can!

Thanks again for all of you that gave us the heads up!


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The Autumn Film Blue Rectangle Shirts

$20 for a shirt by itself or
$30 with a CD + Download (save $5)

Buy either shirt for $20 or buy it with either 8 Track Tape, The Ship and The Sea or Safe & Sound for $30 and save $5. We’ll ship you the shirt and album and you’ll get an immediate download of the music.

Select a shirt below to start the order process.

Guys & Ladies

3-color print on Tri-Blend Green American Apparel.

The Autumn Film Blue Rectangles on Black Shirt


3-color print on ladies Tri-Blend Green American Apparel.

The Autumn Film Blue Rectangles on Black Shirt



2-color print on Tri-Blend Black American Apparel.

The Autumn Film Blue Rectangles on Black Shirt


2-color print on Tri-Blend Coffee American Apparel.

The Autumn Film Blue Rectangles on Brown Shirt


8 Track Tape Album Cover

8 Track Tape 2012

Order/Download our latest full-length release.

The Ship and The Sea Album Cover

The Ship and The Sea 2010

Our 2010 full-length release.

Safe & Sound Album Cover

Safe & Sound 2008

Our first full-length release.

Tifah EP Album Cover

Tifah EP 2005

Tifah’s pre-The Autumn Film project.

Digital Downloads are immediately available. Choose between 320kbps MP3 or AAC format or Apple Lossless; no nasty digital-rights management. Physical CD purchases are usually mailed within 2 or 3 days. Downloads are compatible with most players (including with iPod®), iTunes, Windows Media Player, and WinAmp. Sales tax is added to orders from Colorado.

Buy multiple albums together and save some $$!

8 Track Tape Album Cover The Ship and The Sea Album Cover

8 Track Tape
+ The Ship and The Sea

Save up to $5

Safe & Sound Album Cover 8 Track Tape Album Cover The Ship and The Sea Album Cover

8 Track Tape
+ The Ship and The Sea
+ Safe & Sound

Save up to $10


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The Next Show

May 15  7:00pm


Vancouver, WA

Kiggins Theatre

with Hannah Glover, Dearborn and art by Scott Erickson

Cannon on the ocean floor.
Select a show for more detail.

Upcoming Shows

May 15  7:00pm

Kiggins Theater

Vancouver, WA



Spread the word.


Click here to download the Heart Shaped Box giveaway.


Click here to download the The Grey EP


Click here to download the So Loved EP



Click here to download Tiny Little Boats.

Welcome to our music giveaway.

One of our goals as a band is to put quality music in your hands, for Free. No DRM, no strings attached. The only thing we ask is that you share the music you enjoy with your friends.

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The Autumn Film
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The Autumn Film is:
Tifah Phillips, Dann Stockton, Reid Phillips

The Autumn Film

“Like a post-collegiate Fiona Apple jamming with Snow Patrol, The Autumn Film serves up a piano-drenched sincerity topped off with a voice that’s wise and heartbroken beyond its years” (The Onion).

The Autumn Film has a voice you’d swear you’ve heard before, although the band was voted “Best Band to Come out of Nowhere” by The Westword. Al-Attas’ voice is completely her own. It’s a huge voice, like an old friend, telling you secrets one minute, reassuring you the next. It’s spiritual, soothing, soft, but powerful enough to fill a room. It leaves goose bumps over and over again, each time the opening notes sound.

The record feels epic, and makes love sound as all-encompassing as it feels when you first find it. It’s at once intimate and larger than life, and utterly honest and confident.

The Autumn Film didn’t really come out of nowhere, I suppose. All the band members have been making music for years. But I share the feeling of The Westword writers, wondering where this major talent has been hiding for so long.

~Sarah Jaffe